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Auto Parts Manufacturer

Excerpt:  Executive Director Dan and Supervisor Tim decided to begin making “the right part, at the right time, at the right quantity,” focusing on building to the customer demand the requirements of the build plan and not overproducing the wrong parts. Throughout the engagement, we saw machine downtime drop from 202 hours in the last five days of March and 474 in April down to just 114 hours in August.

Annual Savings


Annual Productivity Increase


Return on Investment
Auto Parts Manufacturer

Pump Manufacturer

Excerpt: In the month of December, John was able to exceed his financial goal of $39k in a month that had only 16 working days. During those 16 days, John had to acknowledge almost 200 hours of vacation and call-offs or 15 person-days worth of PTO or call-offs. His department operated above expectations without an entire staff and did not need to utilize overtime during the month at all.

Annual Savings


Annual Productivity Increase


Decrease in Overtime Hours

Digital Lean

Excerpt:  This case study follows a distinguished employee-owned company established in 1953, with facilities in Connecticut and Colorado. Specializing in materials, manufacturing, and standards for medical, defense, safety, and security markets, the Connecticut plant focuses on thermoplastic products for the US market. Renowned for its modern facilities, the plant excels in injection molding and custom plastic component operations, boasting top-tier technology and personnel.


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ROI in the first year